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Test ID: 00001
Password: 1234

How to play a Free Demo with Test ID in Winbox?

Before starting to play Lion King, most beginners would like to play a free demo account in Lion King. So the players can play freely with a demo account without being afraid to lose their money. New players can use the following details to access the free demo account.

With Test ID, you can try as many games as you want in Lion King to find out which game has the highest payouts. Then you can start playing with real money to win some grand prize.

How To Register a Lion King Account?

To create a Lion King account, you need to sign up an account on the Winbox application to access the slot games. You need to download the Lion King application before you register the account.

To secure your personal account security, please do not leak your personal information to anyone. However, you can contact our live chat support all the time as long as you are connected to the internet regardless of the subject matter.

Step 1

Click “Sign up” in the Winbox Website and download Winbox apps on your mobile devices.


Step 2

Key in your personal details like username, password, email and phone number to register an account in Winbox apps.


Step 3

After the verification of your account then you can access Lion King slot games by accessing Winbox apps.


Step 4

Now you can start depositing the money to customer service to get your game credit! Do not forget to claim your welcome free credit from customer support as well.


Step 5

Press the start games button and Download Lion King apk.

Step 6

Please enjoy with Lion King.

Where To Download & Install Lion King?

Now you can download Lion King from the download link with your Android and iOS mobile devices. You are required to use the external application “Test Flight” from the Apps Store if you are an iOS user. Then you only can proceed to install Lion King apps on iPhone or iPad. However it is developed by another party, therefore you need to manually update the apps.

If you are an Android user, it is much simpler than iOS devices to download the game. You just need to trust the apps to install the apps from the given link. Go to Settings, then go to Apps & Notifications, click on apps permission to trust the apps.

Lion King installation is very convenient after downloading the apps. It only takes a spark to install the apps.


One of the top 5 biggest and popular online slot games in Malaysia is Lion King. Lion King slot games can be downloaded in both android and iOS mobile devices and there are more than 1,000,000 active players registered in the online gaming site. Lion King pledges to offer the most remarkable digital gambling experience to the players. They keep updating and developing the new games and features according to market demand to satisfy the players’ needs and demands.

What is Lion King Malaysia?

Lion King is one of the well known game providers in Malaysia. Today, Lion King has more than 70 games with different themes and varied numbers of wheels in a high standard of graphic visual and audio that is enough for all different players. In Lion King, the players can engage the Egypt theme or Asian theme like CaiShen (Fortune God). The great selection of games with simple features are easy for the players to play on Lion King.

Is Lion King The Online Casino For You?

Lion King is a user-friendly application to all the players and the game quality is very consistent. The players adore Lion King because it is easy to win the big prize in the game! The gameplay is fair to everyone and the customer service is ready to help the newcomers to win the prize. They are offering free credit to all newcomers to boost the winning rate. Now you can win the big prize with a minimum betting amount.

Undoubtedly, Lion King application development is compatible with all types of smartphones or mobile devices in the market. Lion King is given simple features with a brilliant interface with high level of speed and smooth running process. The developers will constantly update the application to ensure the players will have their best gaming experience all the time.

Lion King also offered many promotions to the players that newly joined the platform. They will be able to claim different types of bonuses like extra spins, daily rebates, rescue bonuses. Furthermore, the new players can also claim their free credit from Winbox customer service as well upon completion of their account registration.


How To Log In Lion King?

To start playing the game, you need to register an account in Winbox to enjoy the game. For registration, you need to fill in your personal details like full name, phone number, email and others. After signing in the account, just click on Lion King apps to open the game. Then you can start playing the game.

How To Withdraw Money From The Lion King?

Quit the game and tap on the “Top up/ Withdraw” button, then click withdraw. Remember to add your bank account details before you proceed. Enter the withdrawal amount that is minimum RM100 after the verification through your phone number. Your fund is accessible within 15 minutes.

What Are The Slot Games Offered on Lion King?

God Of Fortune
In Asia, most of the people believe in God Of Fortune (CaiShen). They also called God Of Fortune as God of Wealth so the believers will prefer playing this game to get the good fortune from him in winning a big prize from this game. The players should try out this game to get the blessings from God Of Fortune.

The minimum bet for each spin is 9 game points.

Egypt Queen
Egypt Queen is like a miracle in the old generation of Egyptian history. She owns the brilliant leadership and exclusive power to lead the society moving forward. This is the identity of beauty and women's powers. The players highly recommend this game as the divine visual effects that may give an extraordinary gaming experience.

The minimum bet for each spin is 50 game points.

Dolphin Reef
One of the most popular games is Dolphin Reef as the unique sea creatures are still adorable for everyone. They also have nemo, turtle, and starfish in the game. Dolphins usually represent a vital role in the natural environment and sea. In real life, there are many dolphins movies that inspire people all around the globe.

The minimum bet for each spin is 20 game points.

What Are The Table Games Offered on Lion King?

Monkey King
The Monkey King game has the traditional chinese elements that will attract Asian players as it is one of the chinese favorite fantasy characters in their legend. The Monkey King represents kindness and bravery as the story of his “Journey to The West” is full of excitement. To experience the same adventurous journey with Monkey King, this game is highly recommended to the players.

To try your luck today, you can play Sic Bo if you prefer a higher winning rate game. All you need to do is place your bet one ti, if the dice number matches your bet then you get rewarded accordingly. You can also place multiple bets for the dice patterns at once to win more.

Roulette 36
Roulette is a numbered spinning wheel with a tiny ball. Place your bet on any number on the table and click the spin button to begin the spin. There is a strategy to win roulette as you double up the amount of your loss on the next bet, then you can secure your capital.

The winning rate of Baccarat is 50/50 as it is only playing the cards between banker and player. There are only two cards dealt on each side no matter how many players are in the game. The highest point of total value of two cards is nine. The dealers will distribute the money to winners and collect the loss from players after each game.

Is Lion King a Safe and Trusted Online Casino in Malaysia

Lion King is the most trusted and legitimate online casino in Malaysia and we offer a huge variety of games. Lion King obtained more than 10,000 active players today. There are numerous reasons why we are the most trusted and reliable gaming website in Malaysia.

Fast and secure deposit and withdrawal transaction
Lion King provides all day customer live chat support to assist our players deposit and withdraw the game credit including public holiday. There is no withdrawal or deposit limitation which can be done by 24 hours a day. We accept all the deposit methods including online transfers, ATM cash bank in and E-Wallet transfers.

Promotions and bonuses given to newcomers
There are many exclusive promotions to Winbox apps newly joined members like welcome free credit, referral bonuses, campaign rewards like iPad, computer, cash. Besides that, there are also free spinnings and rescue bonuses offered in Lion King slot games. Unlike other online casino platforms, our withdrawal for game turnover is only 1 time of capital.

International licenses and audits
Lion King is a legal online casino as we own the international betting licenses from PACGOR that approve we legally operate an online casino in Malaysia. To ensure a safe and transparent operation, we update the total players turnover, company payouts operating costs, and net profits everyday on the members system.

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