Get a Chance to Play the Lion King Game Again!

All the 90s kids remember Lion King. The epic franchise with a famous lion named Simba as its hero filled the childhood of nearly even 90s kids. We all loved when the movie started while displaying Simba in his infancy, and the lion’s pride that became the iconic artwork of the movie franchise.

We all cried when Simba cried for his father, Mufasa, who died due to a conspiracy. And we all cheered when Simba returned to his father’s place as the rightful ruler of the lions’ pride that he had left behind.

Many of us early bloomers also loved playing the PC game Lion King, and some of us still do. The graphics of that era were a form of art, and the nostalgia it invokes is priceless.

Now, times have changed, and platforms like mega888 have arrived. Through them, you get a chance to play many games for free. You will be able to relive your childhood memories and also have fun while doing so. It’s time to see Simba in his prime again and witness his epic rise to power once more as he defeats his Uncle Scara and the hyena minions that his evil uncle commands. The Lion King has been given a new form, with exciting new features and so much more in the form of an online slot game.

Lion King Online Slot Game

We all know traditional slot games. You could win prizes if you got three matching symbols in a row. You paid to try your luck, and then you got disappointed whenever you lost your money. That was the concept of conventional slot games. As time passed, slot games became online and changed rapidly. They took many new forms, each with unique rules and rewards.

You can try playing the Lion King in online slot games. The best thing about playing online slot games is that you don’t have to worry about losing your money. Since you don’t deposit any actual money in the online slots, you can play Lion King free of charge.

If you are going towards Lion King online slot game for the first time, you will have to register as a new user.

How to Download the Lion King Online Slot Game

You will find the app on the Google Play store. Just type “Lion King online slot game” in the search bar and click on the first link. There, a proper installation will begin. In the end, you will see that the app has been downloaded to your mobile.

How to Install Lion King Online Slot Game

Once you have installed the Lion king online slot game from the Google Play store, now it’s time to install it. Once your mobile has the APK file, now you will be able to install it. Given below are the steps for doing so.

  • Head towards Settings
  • Head towards the General Settings.
  • You will find an option called DEVICE MANAGEMENT.
  • Click on that option.
  • There, you will have to find something named, ALL CONTINENTAL TRADINGS SDN BHD” and click it.
  • Next, click on TRUST.
  • The installation will begin at once.

How to Register For Lion King Online Slot Game

After you have installed the game, you will want to register as a new user. Below are the instructions for registering for the Lion King online slot game.

1. You can register for the official Lion King online slot game. All you need to do is click on the link below, and you will start the registration process.


2. Type in the following.
• User information
• New Password
• Confirm Password

3. You will be taken to an online form. There are multiple slots requiring different information. You will have to register by typing in the following details
• Email
• Phone Number
• Full Name
• Date of Birth
• Currency
• How did you hear about us?

4. Once you have entered the relevant information, you will be asked to join. Press on the join button to move forward.

5. After creating the Lion King online slot game account, you will be taken back to step 1. You can now log in using your username and password.

Play Lion King Free Demo with Test ID

You can use Test ID to play a free demo of Lion King in the online slot games. You need to download the online slot game app and log in using the following credentials.

Test ID – 0001
Password – 0001

Note that you have been assigned the test ID 0001. It means if no other player is using that same Test ID, then you can play for as long as you like. However, if there is already a player using the same ID, you may not be able to access it. Your account will be given free credits, which will recharge after a brief amount of time. If you encounter any difficulties or bugs, our team will be ready to help you anytime. Just make sure to contact us.

Benefits of Playing Lion King Online Slot Game

Online slot games have a tremendous amount of benefits that you can have while playing them. All of them are listed below.

• Improved Online Security – Lion King online slot game comes with improved online security. Online slot games are often riddled with security issues. What makes the matter worse is that many fake sites intend to cause harm to users. However, that’s not the case here. Your account information, along with your credit card credentials, is fully secure. You don’t ever have to worry about your account getting hacked.

• Bonuses and Rewards – One of the best features of the Lion Game online slot game is the tremendous amount of rewards and bonuses that the game offers. You will win many free credits, or you might even win free accounts or discounts. There are also many features that developers love handing out to the players who want to avail themselves of this opportunity.

• Engaging and Non-Linear Game – The online slot game has many benefits and rewards. You will never feel like playing the same monotonous game or repeating similar steps. You will be playing something that will pull your attention and keep you busy for hours.

• Ease of Playing – Unlike the traditional slot games, the Lion King online slot game is much easier to play and offers convenience to its avid players. The usual slot games have many restrictions, and they also don’t offer that much enjoyment. However, Lion King online slot game was designed for your entertainment, and it also eased the process of registering, winning bonuses, and playing for a long time.

• Flexibility in Playing – The online slot games are very flexible compared to their traditional counterparts. The Lion King online slot game is no exception. It is designed to be even more flexible than usual online slot games. Developers have done it solely for your comfort.